Contributor Guidelines

So You Want to Blog for GrowthVIBE – Contributor Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in blogging for GrowthVIBE! We love connecting with writers who can help us fulfil our mission.

GrowthVIBE envisions a world where marketers create, distribute, and maintain content that not only persuades but also motivates, educates, and stirs emotion. The result – consumers long for and value their experience with that brand.

If you’d like to blog for us, please take some time to read through our guidelines. It will give you a leg up on the people who don’t.

WHY should I write for the GrowthVIBE blog?

Blogging for GrowthVIBE may help you build your reputation and further your career. When you write for us, you become part of our “family.” Not only will you get a lot exposure and credibility, you have the potential to connect with some of our influential bloggers if they like your post. Our community is a friendly and active group, and we like to help each other out.

Some of the reasons to consider blogging for GrowthVIBE:

  • We have more than 10,000 subscribers.
  • Top posts get more than 4000+ shares.
  • Authors regularly tell us their posts have helped them gain new clients, new job opportunities, media interviews, and additional exposure.

WHO is GrowthVIBE’s audience?

While we educate anyone who uses internet, our ideal readers are generally people who want to gain knowledge about certain aspects of life.

WHAT makes a good GrowthVIBE post?

We get far more submissions than we can accept (this is a great community!). To give yourself an edge, consider these tips:

  • Read our blog. Develop a sense of what we publish. Subscribe to our newsletter to get our most recent posts.
  • Write good content. Address their needs, fears, challenges, burning questions, pain points.
  • Have, and hone, a main message. Edit your intro so that the point of your post is ridiculously clear. (Your teachers weren’t kidding about the value of a thesis sentence.)
  • Be prescriptive. Don’t just tell readers to do something. Explain how.
  • Tell a story – like a journalist. Cover who, what, when, where, how, and why. Make it personal. Share things you’ve done and seen, lessons you’ve learned, money you’ve saved (or earned), audiences you’ve grown, problems you’ve solved, etc.
  • Make it concrete. Give examples, details, metrics. Tell and show. Make it real. Deliver aha moments for readers who may be scratching their heads.
  • Make it long enough to engage and enrich readers (and no longer):  We don’t have a word-count goal.
  • Avoid or explain buzzwords. Some of our readers feel turned off by geek speak. If you’re talking tech, help people understand – in a non-scary way – what’s possible and why they should care.
  • Be thoughtful when including links. Posts with too many links back to your domain will look spammy and will be rejected.
  • Self-promotion. Avoid promoting your tool or company in your post. Your author bio is a good place to do that.
  • Include high res images (PNG or JPGs) and/or video or infographic embed codes.
  • Incorporate utility content. Share templates, checklists, step-by-step instructions.
  • Give credit. Check your facts and quotations. Cite your sources.

HOW do I submit a post to GrowthVIBE?

Submit your full draft to Editorial Staff in a Word doc (preferred) or Google doc format. You will get a confirmation receipt within a few business days.

Please note: We don’t accept pitches. While we are happy to provide quick feedback on ideas, what determines an article’s fit is its approach, its readability, and its value for content marketers.

Please include the following with your submission:

Your bio: Bio should be approximately 60 words and should include your Twitter handle, as well as any other relevant links you wish to display: your blog, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, website URL, etc. This is a great place to include any promotional or gated links as we generally don’t allow them in the body copy.

Supporting images, interactive content, or videos: Don’t worry about the cover image, we’ll take care of that. But here are tips on the other kinds of media you may want to include:

  • Images (PNG, JPG): Provide any high res images you would like to include within your Word doc. When saving your images, please provide a descriptive name (e.g. content-marketing-personas-image1)
  • Infographics, videos, and interactive content: Include the embed code for the infographic within your Word doc.


Got questions you don’t see answers to? Shoot an email to our blog manager, Heavendeep Singh He’ll be happy to help